Cash Flow Planning Software – Easy integration into every service, powerful algorithms, intuitive handling

Cash Flow Planning Software – Easy integration, powerful algorithms, intuitive handling

The calculation is simple: If you want to offer 10 distinct financial services, you need 10 software solutions. Really? No, PLEASE! Our clients, as well as experts in the UK, tell us exactly that this as a huge problem. We perfectly understand. That's why we focus on technology that tackles this inefficiency and solves this issue. To be more specific – all our solutions are built on our API-based platform, which delivers best-in-class performance and offers multi-integrability.

Our Cash Flow Planner provides the evidence. It allows cash flow planning to be embedded into any service. On top of that, it redefines cash flow planning by striking the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity.

Given the highly positive user feedback, we made the decision to invite all UK advisers to test it for free. Register now and test it for free! 

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Our free Cash Flow Planner offers the following functionalities:

 Cash Flow Planner Free

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✔ Lifetime Cash Flow Planning

✔ Comprehensive Income Planning

✔ Retirement Planning

✔ Wealth & Investment Planning

✔ Loans & Liabilities

✔ Protection Planning

✔ Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning

✔ Automatic Investment & Reallocation Rules

✔ Stress Testing

✔ Regulatory Compliance (FCA)

✔ 10 Advisory Cases/Month


aixigo's Cash Flow Planning Software for UK advisers at a glance

Fully compliant with UK regulations, aixigo's Cash Flow Planner offers a superior user experience and is easy to use right from the start. Thanks to the API-first approach, it allows for easy and quick integration into existing and prospective services and infrastructures. In addition, by being part of the aixigo:BLOXX Wealth Management Platform, the range of capabilities can be easily extended by other aixigo:BLOXX modules to provide all functionalities for professional investment advice and wealth management. 

  • Comprehensive Income Planning Open or Close

    Comprehensive income planning, which considers income from various sources, essential as well as discretionary income, and UK specific income tax requirements and national insurance payments? No problem with aixigo's Cash Flow Planner. It enables you to include all these factors into your cash flow planning - the ideal basis for stress testing!

  • Retirement Planning Open or Close

    Needless to say, the Cash Flow Planner includes functionalities for retirement planning. Besides several other functionalities for retirement planning, it contains simulation capabilities for estimating pension values and expected payouts, and allows for differentiated consideration of defined contribution (DC) and defined benefit (DB) pension schemes. Special individuality is provided by flexible setting options, e.g. pension growth rates and inflation caps can be defined individually.

  • Wealth & Investment Planning Open or Close

    Whether investments, cash accounts or property, the Cash Flow Planner of course enables the simulation of regular savings or withdrawals, required or surplus liquidity as well as yields and capital gains taxes. Thereby, it supports all standard investment wrappers (ISAs, unit trusts, profit bonds, etc.) and different tax rates. The values are adjusted annually based on the position-specific growth rate, inflation and an annual investment fee.

  • Loans & Liabilities Open or Close

    To ensure a holistic view of the client's net asset value, the planner allows considering loans and liabilities.

  • Protection Planning Open or Close

    Solid cash flow planning must also extend beyond the death of the client. Therefore, insurance against financial insolvency in case of an unexpected death can be included in the planning.

  • Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning Open or Close

    Sound cash flow planning is not always about the client himself, but also about his dependents. Therefore, it is equally important to consider estate and inheritance tax planning. Based on the final position values (investments, cash accounts, real estate, loans, liabilities, etc.), the planner simulates protection plans, insurance tax charges and estate estimates both for death within and at the end of the simulation period.

  • Stress Testing Open or Close

    Test the resilience of your financial plans against multiple scenarios with the Planner's extensive stress testing options. It covers a multitude of scenarios, from pension transfers and income drops to market crashes or individual scenarios (purchasing a yacht, education, etc.).

  • Regulatory Compliance (FCA) Open or Close

    First and foremost, a software solution should ensure regulatory compliance, enabling the adviser to fully focus on providing quality advice. Our solution offers extensive options for simulating cash flows as part of the advisory process, taking into account all requirements of the FCA. All values are inflation-adjusted and calculated in real terms, whereby inflation and growth rates can be varied to allow for both realistic and conservative estimates. At the end of the advisory process, relevant assumptions and data can be easily exported.

Searching for more information? Find more details in our brochure.


What are the solution's unique benefits?

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Can't get enough of the topic of cash flow planning?

Get Christopher Baxter's whitepaper.

Can't get enough of the topic of cash flow planning?

Get Christopher Baxter's whitepaper.


How does a client- and adviser-friendly tool for cash flow planning look like?
How do you provide valuable, comprehensive cash flow planning that does not overburden the client?
How can advisers provide sound cash flow planning without needing to use multiple tools?
How do you design a future-proof and flexible cash flow planning solution?

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Questions? Find answers to the most frequent questions.

Is Cash Flow Planner Free really free to use? Is there a limit?

Our Cash Flow Planner Free is in fact free of charge for you and its provision is for an unlimited time. In other words: You can convince yourself of our Cash Flow Planner without any risk or obligation. 

Is the data I process in the Cash Flow Planner secure?‎ ‎ ‎‎ ‎ ‎‎

As we value your data, we store any provided information in a protected cloud infrastructure. Only experienced operators of aixigo have access to this secure environment. Of course, this applies specifically to the persisted data of you and your clients. We might use your personal data for lead tracking and further sales activities. However, we will never expose data to third parties without your explicit consent. You may find more information in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the aixigo Cash Flow Planner.

Why is the Cash Flow Planner offering limited to UK advisers?

aixigo's Cash Flow Planner is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of UK advisers and their clients. This means, in particular, that it complies with the UK-specific regulatory requirements of the FCA. As such, the software is only suitable for UK advisers. 

Do you provide other solutions for Wealth Management?

aixigo's Cash Flow Planner is just one module of the aixigo:BLOXX Wealth Management Platform. The high-performance aixigo:BLOXX provide all technological capabilities for the application in investment advisory, portfolio monitoring and analysis, portfolio management and cash flow planning.

By being part of our API-based Wealth Management Platform, the Cash Flow Planner can be easily and flexibly extended with further high-performance aixigo:BLOXX modules. In this way, the entire advisory journey can be mapped to enable a first-class and professional investment advisory and wealth management services offering.




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